Colour matching problems fixed
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Colour Education
Colour Matching
Colour Education
Colour Theory

A one day, practical, non mathematical course, on or off site, introducing topics such as:

* Light theory
* Reflectance curves
* Colour space
* All the numbers i.e. Lab, LCh, CMC, RGB...etc and what they really mean
* Quality control tolerances, how to work out what they should be
* Good practice in colour measurement, what to do and what not to do!
* How we see colour, and why we need to trust the instrument

Database Preparation for Colour Matching.

We can provide details of what samples to make and how to make them. Guides to what can and usually does go wrong. How to overcome the obstacles in making a good solid match prediction database. We can advise on Paint, Ink & Plastics Databases.

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